15 fevereiro 2012

Magô is on the table!

Hey everybody...

I decide to publish some strips in my bad english...This could work or not...The true is...I really don´t care! I have friends than dont understand my work because this language, so I decide to translate and I hope all you folks, enjoy this version!

Thats it...

Beijos da Maria

8 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

Uiiiiiiiiii ela fala inglês...Ridicula kkkkk

em portugues ja é uma merda! ah desculpa... a shit

Lia disse...


Eu adorei isso...Tem sempre uns babacas querendo foder com o trabalho alheio...

Congrat GIRL

you´re amazing and international!



Johnny B Goodie disse...


Nossa que legal, vou divulgar!

Sabe que eu amo seu trabalho né...Você é demais!

Logo logo vai embora do Brasil e deixa esses bobinhos chupando os dedos...

The world is small for you, linda!

Lov you


Sean Laross disse...

Hello Maria!!!

Thanks to do that...I was thinking when you will translate your work...Iam glad for that!

Congrat and Thanks


Sean Laross

Kris disse...


Great cartoons. Keep up the good work.
Portuguese, english. It's all good!!!


Keep on rocking 'n' rolling!!!!!!!!



Magô Pool disse...

Thank You so much Sean...e obrigada a todos pela preferência!

beijos na bunda!

Magô Pool disse...

thanks Babão!


Augusto Miranda disse...

Hey, MAgÔ!
The reason for me to write this in English is that by now i'm teaching.. English!

You won't escape me!!!
ha ha ha ha haa!

See, we simply lost control, and it's killing me (WTF drama!)... I'm a little by little getting back to the draws and enjoyining it!

could you writte me from an e-mail that DOES work??? (ha ha ha)

kisses, and missing you, dear pretty friend!

Baú da Magô