12 setembro 2012

The Drifting World!

Hi Folks!

There a good news to tell, indeed, many news to tell but why it so in english hã? 

It's easy, the reason is completely simple, nothing against the portuguese, but if I want to talk with more people I have to open my arms (and my mouth) to another languages, and most of all is because these new comics strip I'm introducing now is for a book...My book!

Yeah! Fucking yeah...I will publish for real!

I'll have my own book, but still this first time will be an e-book (means only on internet) but the cool thing is anyone can buy or find this book  and will be a good price for it, so no excuses for don't buy it, right fellas?

By the way... Now is normal everybody has a tablet, or smartphones with big screens, so will be nice you read my comic book in your iPad, iPhone because iDid hahahahha (owkay stupid joke)...

Also I will be a little far in the next year, new life, work, friends, book, but still being the same girl with a lot of madness to share and I'll have more things (cool ones) to tell and to draw!

Starts with "The Drifting World" and I will post a comic strip per week and in the end those strips will become my e-book...

I hope still recieve  the contact of you, guys! Yesterday I recieved my first e-mail from Israel and I am so proud of this... Have many fellas in all over the world, fantastic, no much better, is fodastic!

Liat, thank you so much for your contact and this post is special for you, ok?!

Now I've to go, back to Portuguese, back to real life...For while!


English version (click on the image to see bigger)

Em português (clica na imagem pra ver maior)

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