31 dezembro 2012

Happy New year

Hi Folks,

I'm really sorry for this last time out of business if you know what I mean...But I've good excuses for it (like always)...

The good news is... I don't will say a lot of shit about how my year was and all the new year blablabla... No, I just let here my votes for better days in 2013 indeed not only in 2013 but in all these years that will come...

Well. If I was say about 2012 I could say that was a good year, I finished the college, I made new friends, I loved, I trusted, I screwed up... And I still trying, writing, drawing and doing all the things that I am used to do... I am felling that this next year will be great, not only in business (like an artist it's doens't mean be sucessfull) but in a whole figure...

I just wish for you, friends, a great 2013 we should enjoy this next year because the Maia's was wrong so LET'S ROCK, DUDES!

I promisse I will to draw more stuff in this year even with my new projects coming I swear I'll publish new strips and new characters... OKAY...It's sound as a fail promisse, but isn't...Is my new year vote!

That's it guys, take care..and care on! I'll see you next year!


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