01 dezembro 2012

the noise of the heart beat!

Well... here we go, long time without no post over here, so it's time to refresh my life and put some news in my blog...

I was studying a lot in my essay for university and it is done now, so I've more time to publish my stuff in meanwhile I also quit out my job, double check!!!

I am living a good moment of my life, maybe somethings is going on not too good but I'm always trying to see the positive sides of the situations...And when you think the life don't have nothing more to offer, everything changes!

Could be my necessity of sucess, I don't admit a loser speech so I'm always seeing the nice things that life brings to me even when it seems too far from me!

This time I just need to say thanks to my friends, my family and everybody who give me support and best wishes!

That's it...I am drawing again new stuff, with my mind busy, my lazy heart and my life coming back to normal, for while I guess...

I am fine, thanx!

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